Hi ,I'm Gabby.


Hi! Welcome to Water Your Garden! To say that I am happy you are here would be an understatement – I am actually thrilled. I am Gabby, the founder of the Water Your Garden community.

One of the most important things to me is transparency. Whether it’s at work, with my friends or family, my boyfriend, or my dog Rocky – I believe that being clear and direct is the best way to soothe anyone’s anxiety. I know for a FACT that it soothes mine. Transparency doesn’t leave room for people to come up with their own assumptions, when in reality what they are assuming could be the farthest thing from the truth. 

So let’s be clear – Water Your Garden will not be your typical blog. 

Yes, you will be hearing me draw from my own experiences and background, but you also will get to hear from a wide variety of other women as well. Women who you may be able to relate to, and others maybe not at all. No matter how different or alike one thing we can all agree on is that there is something incredibly moving about people sharing their authentic experiences and knowledge. Experiences of hope, pain, trials, and triumphs. There is something so powerful knowing that no matter how hard life knocks us down, our journey of what it took for us to stand back up again is what will give people the strength to do the same. 

Our gardens, no matter the state that they are in, will forever be ours. We don’t get to change the garden where our feet were planted the very moment we were born. We don’t get to look at someone else’s garden and say “hey I like yours better – let’s switch”. Some things in life, we don’t get to change. However, there are some things that we do. We get to change our careers, our relationships, our morals, values, perspectives, and so many other things that either leave our gardens in full bloom or a dry, deserted place. The things that we can change, are just as important as the things we can’t. It is up to you, whether you choose to grow or stay in the same place. The health of your garden starts and stops with you. 

 From this day forward I want Water Your Garden to be a community that empowers each one of us to be authentically who we are. I want us each to be more inspired to change ourselves from the inside out – and to let that energy flow into our everyday lives. I want us to look challenges in the eye, with such confidence that our mountains have no choice but to bow out. I want us to walk into new situations, knowing that even if the end goal seems far away, it is our journey there that will teach us timeless life lessons. I can’t wait to learn more about each and every one of you along the way, because the light you exude is uniquely all your own.

My hope is that each time you visit this page, your garden grows. I hope you all are excited as I am. 

Let’s start Watering Our Garden ladies – they deserve it. 

With love,